Menstrual Heating Belt

Menstrual Heating Belt

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Menstrual Heating Belt

About this item:

The pad is suitable for warming up the palace, stomach, abdomen and waist protection.

Comes in 2 colors white and pink.

  • Intuitive Using: Uses USB charging which is more convenient. It has 4 different adjustable temperatures and 4 different massage modes, which you can choose from according to your needs.

  • Upgraded Materials & Fast Heating: 

  • This Heating Pad focuses on relieving women's dysmenorrhea. The latest upgraded comfortable fabric called Lycra. Its ultra-thin, skin-friendly, soft in line with human body structure. Theres Graphene heating technology which can quickly provide heat to your body, improve blood circulation and relax muscles. It is suitable for warming the palace, stomach, abdomen and waist protection.

  • *Automatic Design*: 

  • The pad is designed to automatically shut down if you fall asleep during use, our product will automatically turn off within 30 minutes when it detects that you have not made any movement, which can ensure your safety. If you want to use it again, just turn it on again.

  • More Ergonomic: 

  • The back of our heating pad adopts a very soft and comfortable contact surface, which can make you comfortable and can dissipate heat evenly. Considering the size of the waist, our waistband is adjustable, In forced condition , it can get 50", which suits for 24 to 50" waistline



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